Save Money

Using our intuitive CX Solutions means that clients will have no need to hire employees or outsource to companies for survey programming or data analysis. The real-time analytic dashboard provides access to the customers’ feedbacks instantly.

The fidbak package provides exceptional value and complete client satisfaction, from questionnaire design and survey programming, through to providing immediate results.

Save Time

Clients will not need to undertake extensive training or reading of manuals to use the fidbak CEM. Using the tablets is very straightforward, both for clients and customers, and the real-time analytics dashboard is user-friendly and will require minimal training for its use. This makes acquiring and understanding the customer experience measurement simple and effective.

Advanced Features

  • Supports an unlimited number of participants and questions in a survey
  • Multilingual surveys and supporting more than 80 different languages 
  • Various types of questions (e.g. multi-choice, single choice, open question, ranking and etc.) 
  • Integration of pictures and movies into a survey 
  • Conditions for questions depending on earlier answers (Skip Logic / Branching)
  • Customer experience analytics


Every survey can be tailored for your exact business or industry needs as well as any other requirements. Where required, replicas of your own website can be made for the purposes of the questionnaire.

Each survey is uniquely designed to meet a different requirement and to fulfill client needs.


Many managers want to track the performance of their business or measure the effectiveness of quality improvements in customers’ satisfaction. By using fidbak’s sophisticated Customer Experience Measurement (CEM) system our clients can quickly and easily identify weaknesses as well as track changes in the improvement of customers’ satisfaction.

The fidbak CEM system is fully automated and designed to get to the heart of customer experience, understand the dynamics of customer satisfaction fully and transfer improvements to the bottom line. Questionnaires are embedded in android tablets with clients’ own branding, and customers have a very high acceptance when invited to use these for the survey.


Real-time analytics are the key to achieving improvements in customer experience.      As soon as data collection starts, clients can see the results of customer satisfaction on a real-time dashboard. The real-time analytics generate reports of data based on selected time frames such as daily, weekly, monthly or annually.

The real-time dashboard enables you to track the quality of services and the performance of your business as well as instantly quantify the effectiveness of any changes of customer satisfaction. Any business changes can be easily measured and directly correlated to customer experience and satisfaction.


You or your colleagues will get an instant email notification once you get a negative response from a customer.  For example, a survey contains 10 questions and whenever a customer gives ‘very poor’ as a response the system sends a notification to a preset email(s) (e.g. reception desk or managers). This allows you to promptly follow up with that customer(s) to understand their grievance.

This is possible through our state of the art feedback collection software and allows you to action any issues that arise to ensure total client satisfaction.


fidbak survey templates are designed specifically for each client’s individual needs and programmed into proprietary software on the android tablet. Using custom colours, fonts, logos, media and more, each survey can be tailored to your business. Where required, replicas of clients’ websites can be made and included with the survey on the tablet.

fidbak has designed many bespoke surveys for industries such as train companies, hotels, clinics, restaurant/bars, supermarkets and much more. Each survey is professionally designed by the research team together with appropriate client staff to ensure that the specific client objectives will be achieved. Once the survey has been agreed and programmed, it is installed on the tablets with our app. Clients then simply turn it on and invite customers to use it. The default language is English, but surveys can be loaded in any of 27 languages. 

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