Customer is responsible for all actions with respect to personally identifiable information of persons that respond to Customer’s surveys or to whom Customer sends surveys. Title to and ownership of all intellectual property rights of the Response Data shall remain exclusively with Customer.

The parties agree that all disclosure and use of survey information, responses thereto and Response Data (defined below) will comply with the terms and conditions and privacy policies under which it was collected and all applicable laws, statutes, rules or regulations relating to such Response Data and the persons from whom it is collected. “Response Data” means data obtained from persons responding to and/or having received surveys from Customer. Customer further agrees and warrants that its collection and use of Response Data from those persons comports with its stated privacy policies and comports with all applicable state and local laws.

You own your data. We don’t sell your data.

fidbak delivers information to you that belongs to you, not us. 

fidbak encrypts data in transit, at rest, and on all backups.

 Here's how: Access to the fidbak Application is available only through secure HTTPS. Data in transit is encrypted when customers choose to use HTTPS protocols for their account. fidbak utilises TLS for its secure communication protocol and is currently at the most recent patch level.

No full, partial, or prorate refunds will be made as adjustment for any such service interruption. Customer hereby acknowledges that changes in the nature of the fidbak Services that may be offered under these Terms that are beyond the control of fidbak do not constitute grounds for any full or partial refund of any advance fees paid.

Will I need Custom Themes? Custom themes enable you to customize the look and feel of your dashboard to reflect your brand. If you want to customize the dashboards using your company branding, then you will need to select a plan with custom themes included.

Can I install fidbak on my own server? Yes, please contact our support team at

you don’t have wi-fi available we can supply 4G tablets with a SIM card which will connect to a local network provider.

fidbak supplies the whole system including software, hardware and stands.

We provide damage recovery insurance. Otherwise, the client is responsible for any damage or stolen devices.


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Phone: 0044-1763853303


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