Surveys are an integral part of accurate customer research

Why Our Customers Choose Us

• Responsive system; works very well on mobile, tablet or desktop

• Unlimited number of questions and participants in a survey

• Multi-lingual surveys and supporting more than 80 different languages

• 28 different question types (e.g. multi-choice, single choice, drag and drop, open question, ranking, simple text/ image/ video, radio question and etc.)

• Integration of pictures and movies into a survey

• Conditions for questions depending on earlier answers (Skip Logic / Branching)/ Piping and Micro-tailoring using a powerful expression engine

• Optional anonymous survey (A public link for all respondents) OR non-anonymous survey (Sending of invitations, reminders and tokens by email)

• Open and closed group of participant surveys

• Optional public registration for surveys

• Cookie or session based surveys

• Survey expiry dates for automation

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The fidbak system can be used  for any type of data collection! Here are a few examples:

1. Ordinary marketing surveys

2.  Customer satisfaction surveys

3. Tests (i.e. Psychological, Academic/ Schools, Driving and etc.)

4. General data collection for example by phone at call centres

5. Quality management (inter alia in the field)

6. Query of candidate qualifications

7. Order form for product samples

8. and many more…

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Absolutely! All of our surveys can be customised to any design, using colours, fonts, your own logo, images/videos, emoticons etc.

Where required, mock ups of your own website can be made for the purposes of the questionnaire.

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Many other online survey applications force you to programme the survey  yourself, wasting time, money and resources! With fidbak – we do all the work for you. All you need to do is send your questionnaire to us and we will do the programming for you! We have a fantastic range of options for you to choose from before we start work and when they’re decided upon, we will create the survey for you. We pride ourselves on going further for our clients, by offering installation and training on the new systems, accompanied by a truly diverse of business solutions. 

The advantages of the fidbak system are:

• SAVING TIME:  In similar online survey software, first you need to spend a lot of  time reading their manual or watch a video tutorial  to know how it works, and in the end you may not get what you want.  With fidbak, no expertise or special training is required to use the application.

• SOPHISTICATED AND ADVANCED FEATURES: Advanced features which you would normally pay much more to get, including:  conditioning, piping, public registration for surveys, sending of invitations, reminders, embed the survey in “full screen” within your site (the survey can be put on your own website)  etc.

• COMPETITIVE PRICES: Some of the similar online surveys even offer free services, but those free surveys do not meet the requirement of many organisations and serious projects. Our package prices are exceptional, particularly when considering that the service provided is effectively a turnkey solution to your research needs.

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