Why do companies need CEM systems?

91% of customers that are unhappy do not make themselves known and simply never come back to that business.

Whilst 1 Happy Customer typically gives 7 positive referrals to a business, 1 Unhappy Customer gives 16 anti-referrals

37% of customers are satisfied with service recovery when they are offered something of monetary value (e.g., a refund or credit). But when the business adds an apology on top of the compensation, satisfaction doubles to 74%.

Customers who had the best past experiences spend 140% more compared to those who had the poorest past experience

A business with Unhappy Customers is both likely to lose those customers and struggle to attract new customers. It is therefore vital that businesses identify Unhappy Customers and take steps to satisfy them

In a business context, those customers that engage and communicate with a business are much more likely to continue their relationship as they feel more valued and appreciated by the business

On a more specific level, detailed customer feedback provides businesses with the information to effectively improve the performance of their services, and even introduce new services to increase customer satisfaction and the likelihood of them continuing their relationships with the business.

Manager Dashboard

In addition to the detailed Insights Dashboard, there is a summarised Manager Dashboard containing key metrics only, such as NPS and overall service rating – ideal for fast viewing usage.

Insights Dashboard​

Benchmark performance using NPS, find weaknesses by location or by time across many different metrics (facilities, cleanliness, pricing etc.) and build the evidence for new business cases. Our dashboard presents your data in a way that is easy to understand. With 24/7 access and scheduled reporting, this is where the magic comes together. Real-time and Scheduled Reporting Timeline and Location Comparisons NPS and Insights Index.

Our Services

Customer Satisfaction Measurement Tools

Many managers want to track the performance of their business or measure the effectiveness of quality improvements in customers’ satisfaction. By using fidbak’s sophisticated Customer Experience Measurement (CEM) system clients can identify weaknesses quickly and easily and track changes in the improvement of customers’ satisfaction.

CEM Analyser

Real-time analytics are the key to achieving improvements in customer experience and ratings. As soon as data collection starts, clients can see the results of customer satisfaction on a real-time dashboard. The real-time analytics generate reports of data based on optional time frames including daily, weekly, monthly and annually. 

Action Alert Notification

A member of staff will get an instant email notification once you get a respond from an unhappy customer. For example, a survey contains 10 questions and whenever a customer gives ‘very poor’ type of response for You or your colleagues will get an instant email notification once you get a respond from an unhappy customer.

Kiosk Survey

fidbak survey templates are designed specifically for each client reflecting individual needs, and then programmed into proprietary software on an android tablet. Using custom colours, fonts, logos, images/videos, emoticons and more. Where required, replicas of clients’ websites can be made and included with the survey on the tablet. 

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